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UPCOMING - JULY 1st, 2020!

Author and indie publisher, Peggy Weston, will soon launch a treasure, that will enrich your appreciation of singing.

"I have questioned with a deeper curiosity why singing initiates such strong feelings in people."


Available in eBook and paperback July 1st!  Pre-Order now to receive your copy faster. Order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in retail stores - bookstores, Target, Walmart, and libraries. Links will be provided here soon for your convenience. Global Distribution is through IngramSpark. 

Take a peek

"Why do we respond to music,

or any form of artistic expression, the way we do? This is an intriguing question with many answers. "

"Cultures throughout the world continue to use the power of music

and the healing effect of singing. Vocal healing is still a mystery. How does it work?"


The book's References will be provided here only, in PDF form, upon the release of the book July 1st , if not sooner. Retailers and Media can view a copy of the References in advance, upon request.