Peggy Teaches

Voice - Singing  (Private Lessons and Workshops)
Theatre Arts
Creative Writing
ESL - English as a Second Language
Public Speaking for Professionals


"Dear Peggy, We can't thank you enough for all you do for our  wonderful international hires. Our agency culture is richer and happier  because of your wisdom, kindness and patience. Happiest of holidays to  you! Much love, Your friends at The Martin Agency."  2018

"Evaluations from Ms. Weston's classes  have been excellent. She has demonstrated effectiveness in working with  students with diverse backgrounds and expectations. She tackles all  projects with enthusiasm and humor. One comment, from a participant  evaluation from Ms. Weston's Event Planning class, stated, 'I can't  believe I learned so much in this class. It was obvious the instructor  knew what she was talking about and she readily shared her knowledge and  energy.' Ms. Weston consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic--she  is customer-focused and 'goes the extra mile' to make sure students are  satisfied and all details are taken care of. She is a pleasure to work  with and have on staff."  Martha O'Keefe, Coordinator of Germanna Community College Workforce Development, Fredericksburg Campus, Virginia, 2003. 

 "Your professionalism and high standards  made each of your classes and camps a huge success. They were enjoyable  as well as educational experiences for all. Your dramatic arts program  was well-received by the community every time it was offered from  1994-1996. The participants (kindergartners to twelfth graders) learned a  tremendous amount of information in a fun, energetic atmosphere. The  same energy and enthusiasm were also apparent in the theatrical summer  camps which you developed and taught for us during the summers of  1995-1997. It is sometimes difficult to maintain the attention of school  age children for several hours at a time. You managed to get them  involved from the minute they entered the stage each morning during the  week of each camp. Your imagination and passion for the theater  maintained their enthusiasm throughout the morning long sessions."   Patti Cuba, Special Events and Leisure Programmer, Parks and Recreation Department, County of Spotsylvania, Virginia, 1996.